Over the course of 3 years, we were in and out of this house, renovating it from top to bottom, and even touching the garage and barn. As in most old farm houses that are abandoned for a while, a total renovation was needed. We started in the common living room area. The ceilings were very low, so as the demolition of the rotting and crumbling foundation and walls began, the ceiling came down too! The result was a beautiful open area with plenty of light coming in the new windows, a hard-wood floor, and exposed rafters. Happy with the result, we migrated to the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms and installed, replaced, and repainted. Moving down the stairs and hallway, we finished in the kitchen and dining area – replacing the floor and windows, and installing in-floor radiant heating. When we completed the new siding on the house, we moved to the garage and did that too, feeding electrical to the out-buildings as we went. The indoor pool was the final touch as we said good-bye to these happy home-owners.